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I’m so ridiculously single, it’s pathetic.

Not only do I, at the first hint of sympathy, try out my first name with his last name and contemplate the names of our future children, I also feel crushed by every guy that doesn’t return my advances (which would make that every guy in the western world). And I don’t even know them. Not really at least. It’s just random guys you randomly meet.

But guys you randomly meet are usually pretty random. I think I’m being redundant.

Not that I don’t like randomness to a certain degree…you know, it’s just frustrating, I mean, I really don’t ask for much.

A decent sense of humor, honesty and kindness. And then that little something extra that makes me all a fan and I’m good.

But all the guys matching that description are miraculously swept from the earth. Or taken. Or not intrested.


That’s about all I can say to this.

Uh well..I’m only twenty…my life hasn’t reached it’s critical stadium of settle down with Prince Charming or die lonely so I guess I just have to relax and live a little.

I mean it’s not like I need to have kids right away. Or happiness.

That’ll come in time.


I Loathe You, Too. – New Novel

I hereby present to you my new attempt at a novel. Barney&Bananas is not forgotten but this story popped up nicely inside of my head and I’m willing to give it a shot.

I will try to have it finished sometime next year, March at the lastest, do remind me of my deadline, okay.

Please share your thoughts on this and I’d be glad to take you on this journey with me and my characters.

It’s a girlish-chick-flick kind of romantic comedy.  And I hope it will be fun. 🙂
Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction. The pictures used for the cover are not mine and simply for visualization, not for commercial purposes.
Please don’t sue, I’m really broke.

Attention: This has not been proof-read, all mistakes are my own, feel free to collect them and light a campfire with them that keeps you warm at night.

There are swear-words. Heavy ones. You’ve been warned.

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Star Trek 2009 Graphics




PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: Go watch this movie, you’ll be blown away 🙂



Misc. Graphics

Harry Potter



Grey’s Anatomy



New Fringe/Castle Graphics












I put some new shoes on and suddenly everythings right…

I got a new super hot pair of shoes yesterday.

That’s them…except they’re not black but dark blue and the shoe is covered with velvet, the straps are leather and silk, giving it a great kind of ballet shoes look. They’re not super comfy as all High Heels but you can pass time in them without suffeirng horibble pain.

I also got a brown leather jacket looking a bit like this:

They go great together and I love love love both.

And they’re gonna be about all the additions to my wardrobe this winter because the money’s not loose this time of year… 😉


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